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Pre-Lube Pump

A pre-lube pump provides vital protection to your costly equipment by delivering oil under pressure to the most critical components. Prior to startup, the pre-lube pump is engaged, fully lubricating the system until the main lubrication takes over.

Pre-Lube Pumps Application
A pre-lube system provides vital protection to your costly equipment by delivering oil under pressure to the most critical components when they are the most vulnerable to wear during equipment startup.

Engines, compressors, turbo machinery, motors, generators, transmissions, and all other heavy mechanical equipment have means of lubrication during operation. But with mechanically driven lube pumps, the hot lube oil drains back into the oil sump after shutdown, leaving vital moving parts with only a thin film of residual oil to handle enormous loads during startup. The result is premature wear.

Also, recent emissions and fuel conservation regulations requiring frequent start/stop protocol exacerbate mechanical wear conditions.

In addition:
The same pre-lube pump system can intervene to eliminate costly failures and premature wear as a soak-back pump to cool and lubricate ancillary devices such as turbochargers, which remain in motion after shutdown.

Pre-lube pumps can also work as oil change assist pumps by simply adding a 3-way valve to discharge used oil for faster oil changes.

Paragon's pre-lube pumps are engineered for 10 years' service on locomotives and large diesel engines. Our AESS (auto engine start stop) soak-back pump is upgraded for this extreme level of durability. These pumps or systems are also called pre lube, preluber, preoiler, and soak-back pumps.

Features and Benefits

  • Extremely robust design for equipment that is intended for a very long lifetime
  • 74 and 24 VDC input
  • Industrial duty long life motors
  • Hardened pump body and gears for exceptional life
  • Engineering assistance for confirming the best product solution

DC Prelube Pump Models Part Number
AESS Soakback oil pump, 15 LPM, 2.8 Bar (3.5 gpm, 40 psi), 74 VDC Brushless motor 63068-9
Prelube oil pump, 114 LPM, 10 Bar (30 gpm, 40 - 150 psi), 74 VDC Brush type motor 61737-19

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