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Fuel Priming Pumps

Paragon Products' diesel engine fuel priming pumps are designed for exceptional reliability and a long, maintenance-free life. They accommodate flow rates of 2 to 100 LPM (0.5 GPM - 30 GPM) with brushless DC or AC motors.

Locomotive Fuel Transfer Pumps
Competitive Advantages
Paragon Products is the leader in high-value, electric-powered, diesel fuel transfer pumps for locomotives. They are designed for a 10-year service life with no required maintenance under normal operating conditions. They accommodate flow rates of 2 LPM to 60 LPM (0.5 GPM - 16 GPM).
stop cycles (AESS)

  • The most reliable, best value electric locomotive fuel transfer pumps on the market
  • They typically outlast other pumps 3:1, saving cost of downtime, labor, and parts
  • Integral, fluid cooled DC/AC inverter for ultimate electronics reliability
  • Continuously lubricated, self-cleaning bearings for optimal life
  • Patented technology

Pump Specifications

  • 74 V Brushless DC or AC input options
  • Positive displacement gear pump with excellent self-priming capabilities
  • Hardened pump body and gears to resist fuel contaminants
  • Capacities from 2 LPM to 60 LPM (0.5 GPM - 16 GPM)
  • Outlet pressures of up to 8.3 Bar (120psi) continuous duty
  • Paragon Products is the OEM supplier of electric locomotive fuel transfer pumps for GE, EMD, ALCO, and other leading locomotive manufacturers.

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