Tilly Industries is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and is
a division of Maven Engineering Corporation. It is uniquely
positioned to provide direct and local service to customers,
backed by a worldwide network of offices and representatives providing a much faster turnaround and a level of service not
offered with other suppliers.
Tilly Industries Inc.
5566 rue Cypihot, St-Laurent,
Québec, H4S 1V7, Canada

Téléphone: 514-331-4922
Fax: 514-331-4924

General Mail Box:

Eric Pelzer,
Directeur des Ventes
Téléphone: 514-331-4922 ext-204

Dagmar Tilly,
Directrice De Bureau
Téléphone: 514-331-4922 ext-0 

Bernhard Pelzer,
Directeur General
Téléphone: 514-331-4922 ext-208

Al Nichol,
Directeur D’Achats
Téléphone: 514-331-4922 ext-207

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